Weekly Update: September 23, 2022
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes an issue that prevented selecting a teammate while in certain channels.
  • Fixes an issue that allowed public channels to be created under private contexts.
  • Fixes an issue with multiply nested subtasks in ClickUp not showing.
Weekly Update: September 2, 2022
Small improvements:
  • Date picker now always highlights today in blue.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a performance issue on the desktop app.
  • If you first signed up for a free trial years ago and want to restart, you can now do so.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the same day to appear twice on daylight savings.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented inputing certain times in 24 hour format.
Weekly Update: August 26, 2022
Small improvements:
  • If you have a calendar with a very light background color, the color of the title text is now black so it's more readable.
  • When you're editing the planned or actual time from the task details page, it should now be clear which day you're editing the planned or actual time from.
  • Pressing
    now always closes the top-most view open in Sunsama.
  • You can now set a planned time on a task created from an all day event.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where rapid edits to an event (or timeboxed task's) duration time could cause it to snap back to its last position.
  • Fixed an issue that caused calendars tied to older Microsoft on-prem instances not to load events.
  • Fixed several errors that could cause the Notion panel to show an error screen instead of tasks.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some users to see "Busy" for events they had access to.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Todoist panel to show an error screen instead of tasks.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed toggling the timer on tasks assigned to teammates.
  • Links in Slack integration intro message now open the correct help center pages.
Weekly Update: August 19, 2022
New features:
  • There's a new setting to disable calendar reminders for timeboxed tasks.
  • It's now possible to convert an existing task into an Objective .
Small Improvements
  • Major performance and reliability upgrade for Outlook calendar sync.
  • New release of Sunsama Desktop App v.1.0.10 that includes additional improvements for performance/battery when the app is backgrounded.
  • Improved UX for Timeboxing settings with easy links to related settings like Schedules and Calendars.
  • Improved UX for updating your timeboxing related settings after you timebox your first task.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a long standing issue of tasks not showing on correct day when you change timezones.
  • Several Outlook integration bugs: fixed an issue where sometimes not all Outlook events would show, fixed an issue that prevented users from editing certain Outlook events, fixed an issue that caused certain Outlook calendars to not load for users with a large number of events in view.
  • Fixed an issue that caused tasks to not be sorted correctly.
  • New TestFlight release of the mobile app that includes dozens of performance improvements that make the app faster to navigate. If you use the beta, let us know about anything weird you find! For the rest of you, the full release should be out in a week or so.
Create objective from a task
You are now able to create a weekly objective directly from a task in Sunsama.
Simply type "r" over a task like you would to align that task to an existing objective. There's now an option in the dropdown menu to "Turn this into an objective".
Note: you can also do this by clicking on the task, clicking the three dot "other actions" menu, and clicking "align with objective".
Disable calendar reminders for timeboxed tasks
When you timebox a task, do you want your calendar to remind you about it?
You are now able to manually prevent reminders that your Google or Outlook calendar may have issued for events created from Sunsama tasks.
Previously, you may have been reminded in your underlying calendar about events created from Sunsama tasks per that calendar's settings. You can now override your calendar's setting by selecting "none" in your Sunsama account settings. You can still choose "calendar default" as a setting.
This way, you can timebox tasks to a calendar that you want reminders on for other events (meetings, etc) and not be inundated with reminders on your scheduled Sunsama tasks.
calendar reminders for timeboxed tasks
Weekly Update: August 12, 2022
New features:
  • 24 Hour Clock:
    It's now possible to choose your clock display style from your user settings, you can pick a 12 or 24 hour display or default to your device's settings.
  • Setting to disable calendar reminder for timeboxed tasks
    : In your account settings you can select whether you'll get reminders from your calendar app (Google/Microsoft) for timeboxed tasks.
  • Continuous background refresh:
    Previously, changes to your calendars outside of Sunsama would not show until you refreshed the app if it had been more than 2 hours since you'd opened the desktop app.
Small Improvements:
  • Notion Integration Limitations: In-app explainer when Notion's API limits visible results.
  • Notion Integration Already Imported Filter: Make it more obvious when imported tasks are being hidden.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a long standing issue that caused all day events in timezone +13 hours and more from UTC to show on the wrong day e.g. New Zealand and beyond.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the subtask toggle from showing when expected inside the Todoist integration.
  • When your calendar permissions are revoked, you no longer see calendars in the left panel.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the auto-scheduler to provide no results.
  • Fixed an issue that caused non-collaborative workspaces to use the slower collaborative notes editor.
Notes: On Wednesday, we had a minor outage with Microsoft Outlook events not showing or showing null for all titles. This was caused by a performance improvement gone awry and was fixed within a few hours.
24-hour clock
It's now possible to see all times in-app in 24 hour format on Sunsama Web/Desktop.
If your device is a region that uses that format, you should see it automatically.
If you want control over your time display, you can adjust it in your account settings.
This feature will also ship in the next version of the mobile app.
Weekly Update: August 5th
New features
  • New commands added to the Command Bar that let you sort tasks chronologically or gather up unscheduled tasks (learn more)
  • Shift+X
    will Auto-schedule a task to the calendar without splitting it into multiple parts
Small Improvements
  • Outlook Integration now supports more than 100 folders
  • Updates to all in-app icons
Bug fixes:
  • URLs in Asana in description fields open in a new tab
  • Microsoft Teams URLs are clickable when in the description of a Google calendar invite
  • Fixed a bug where the auto-scheduler placed tasks on the calendar with the wrong duration
  • Fixed an issue where navigating to a page of results in the Outlook email integration would show no results
Sorting Commands
The Command Bar
has three new sorting options:
Sort Chronologically
: This will order the selected column's tasks by time and move all your unscheduled tasks to the top or bottom depending on your user preference for "Roll to top".
If you mess up the order of your tasks, this is the quickest way to get it back in order.
Sort scheduled tasks above/below unscheduled tasks
: Sort your tasks chronologically and move all unscheduled tasks to the top or bottom.
The last two options are great for timeboxers who want to quickly identify tasks that still need to be scheduled to the calendar.
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