Control your schedule by channel
Sunsama now lets you define working hours on a per-channel basis. This lets you tell Sunsama's auto-scheduler exactly when you want to work on certain things.
How to use it:
  1. Head to your schedules tab (main dropdown)
  2. Set up schedules for your channels and contexts
  3. When planning your day, hit "X" on a task to have it auto-scheduled based on it's channel's schedule!
Notion Integration
We're excited to announce one of our most anticipated integrations of all time - Notion!
It's now super easy to browse all your Notion databases and pull in just the tasks you need to work on that day into your plan in Sunsama.
Here's what you can do with the new Notion integration:
👀  Browse all your Notion databases and tasks from inside Sunsama
⚙️  Build custom views of your databases to fit your daily planning flow
⚡️  Automations keep Notion fields synced with changes in Sunsama
📤  Export tasks from Sunsama to Notion
➕  Integrate as many Notion Workspaces as you want
Control auto-scheduling hours
From your account settings, you can now tell the auto-scheduler the hours that you work and when it should schedule tasks.
You can configure one time for all the days of the week or customize it by day.
In a future release, we'll be fine-tuning this and allowing you to build schedules on a per-channel basis.
Customizable gap when auto-scheduling tasks
⚙️ You can now control the gap between your last calendar item and the task being scheduled to your calendar.
This is a great way to give yourself a bit of breathing room and time to stretch out or re-orient before you start your next bit of work.
There are currently four options that you can configure in your account settings:
  • None
  • 5 mins
  • 10 mins
  • 15 mins
If there's more configuration or customization you'd like here, just let me know. I'm open to adjusting this to better suit your workflows!
Link calendars to channels
You can now keep your work tasks on your work calendar and your personal tasks on your personal calendar.
Each of your calendars can be linked to a specific channel. So you can link your work calendar to your #work context, and you can link your personal calendar to your #personal context.
Once you've linked a calendar to a channel/context, when you schedule a task in that channel/context to your calendar, it will automatically be scheduled to the linked calendar.
All of this can be configured from your calendar settings page.
Learn more from our help center article.
PS You may have noticed some of your calendars changed colors with this release. Sunsama now uses color preferences you set in Google or Outlook calendar, unless you've specified a custom preference in Sunsama.
Smart auto schedule
Sunsama now does a better job of finding open spaces on your calendar to place tasks. It's easy to use:
  • Right click on a task and click "Add to calendar"
  • Hover over a task and use the keyboard shortcut
✨ And like magic, Sunsama will find a nice empty spot for it on your calendar ✨
This feature is brand new and we invite you to send us any feedback you've got about how it works or any quirks you find.
Toggle Calendar Event Auto-Complete
It's now possible to control if Sunsama automatically checks off items that were imported from your calendar when the calendar event finishes:
Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 4
There are three options
  • Always:
    This is the default option, all items will be auto-completed when the end time for the event passes.
  • Never:
    This turns off auto-completion entirely.
  • Only if the event has invitees:
    If an event has invitees, it will get completed when the end time passes. If an event has no other invitees (e.g. a task or reminder for yourself) it won't get checked off unless you manually check it off.
The last option "
Only if the event has invitees
" is a good choice for people who timebox on their calendar outside of Sunsama or have lots of events on their calendar where the actual execution time is a bit more flexible e.g. Workout at 6 PM or Lunch at 12 PM. This means, you can check off these tasks when you are actually done with them while letting meetings auto-check off (assuming your meetings don't often run very late).
Better control of Imported Events
During daily planning, you now have more granular control over which events get imported:
Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 2
You can toggle the above screen by clicking the "Pick events" button:
Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 2
You can also now customize the default behavior of the "import suggestions" prompt by clicking "Customize import suggestions":
Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 2
If you'd like to see additional customization options in this last screen, drop us a message and we'll look into adding those options for you.
⚡️ ClickUp "Sync Automations"
You can now configure
"Sync Automations"
to control which fields stay synced between Sunsama and ClickUp from your "Automations" tab. Currently, we support syncing due date and completion.
ClickUp tasks will also show you which fields are synced to Sunsama:
Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 1
Let us know if there are other fields you'd like to see synced between ClickUp and Sunsama.
Trello Integration: Export and Linking
It's now possible to drag and drop tasks from Sunsama
into Trello
This makes it super easy to declutter your Sunsama. You can just drag and drop tasks to file things away in Trello if you aren't finding time for them or just want them to do later.
And now that you can move items in both direction, you can use Trello as a highly organized backlog instead of Sunsama's lightweight backlog.
Here's how it works:
  • Drag and drop a task into your Trello panel in Sunsama to export it. This removes the task from Sunsama and creates a card in Trello with the title, subtasks, notes, and due date synced over.
  • Hold
    while dragging and dropping into the Trello panel to
    a Sunsama task to Trello. This creates a corresponding entry in Trello and links the Sunsama task to that entry.
This feature is part of a bigger initiative at Sunsama to improve all of our integrations so you don't feel like you need to manage your system of record in two places. In the coming months, we'll be adding "Automations" and the ability to move tasks in both directions between all our integrations.
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