⚡️ ClickUp "Sync Automations"
You can now configure
"Sync Automations"
to control which fields stay synced between Sunsama and ClickUp from your "Automations" tab. Currently, we support syncing due date and completion.
ClickUp tasks will also show you which fields are synced to Sunsama:
Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 1
Let us know if there are other fields you'd like to see synced between ClickUp and Sunsama.
Trello Integration: Export and Linking
It's now possible to drag and drop tasks from Sunsama
into Trello
This makes it super easy to declutter your Sunsama. You can just drag and drop tasks to file things away in Trello if you aren't finding time for them or just want them to do later.
And now that you can move items in both direction, you can use Trello as a highly organized backlog instead of Sunsama's lightweight backlog.
Here's how it works:
  • Drag and drop a task into your Trello panel in Sunsama to export it. This removes the task from Sunsama and creates a card in Trello with the title, subtasks, notes, and due date synced over.
  • Hold
    while dragging and dropping into the Trello panel to
    a Sunsama task to Trello. This creates a corresponding entry in Trello and links the Sunsama task to that entry.
This feature is part of a bigger initiative at Sunsama to improve all of our integrations so you don't feel like you need to manage your system of record in two places. In the coming months, we'll be adding "Automations" and the ability to move tasks in both directions between all our integrations.
Trello 2.0: Redesign and Automations
Introduction and demo
We've upgraded our Trello integration to have a native look and feel and also added a powerful new automations panel:
Beautiful Native Design
We rebuilt the Trello integration pixel by pixel to make sure it perfectly matches what you'd expect to see.
Here's what's new:
  • Cards in the side panel mimic the look and feel of Trello so you can find items faster
  • Clicking on a card (or imported task) gives you a rich preview that looks just like what you'd see in Trello
  • Trello Checklists are interactive, check off subtasks straight from Sunsama!
Automations Panel
The Automations panel allows you to control how Sunsama updates your Trello cards, inside Trello, whenever you import a card into Sunsama or mark it complete.
Here's an example of an automation you might set up:
  • When importing a card, automatically move it forward one column in Trello and assign the task to me.
  • When completing a task, show a prompt to update the card's column.
PS. Up next, we're going to make it possible to create task in Trello from Sunsama! Stay tuned.
Weekly planning ritual
There is now a guided ritual for planning your week in Sunsama.
Weekly planning is intended to help you do one thing: set your objectives for the week ahead.
If you have objectives from the prior week you want to continue working on, the weekly planning ritual allows you to do just that.
If you prefer to reflect on the previous week, and plan the next week, all in one sitting, you can combine the weekly planning ritual with the weekly review ritual from your account settings page.
What the weekly planning flow doesn't do is allow you to fill in your tasks and events for every single day of the week in advance. This is a practice we don't encourage, since it often leads to feeling crushed if you fall behind early in the week.
For a more in-depth look at the new ritual, here's a video walkthrough: https://www.loom.com/share/02fa539db8ee4853bed9f5ce762bb15e
Today, we're rolling out our first three "Email Courses".
Similar to the onboarding emails, these emails are designed to be quick, digestible reads that arrive in your inbox each work day that help you think deeper about what it means to
work well
👉 Browse the course catalog here and sign up for your first course:
Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 1
And if you need help picking your first course:
  • Indistractable: Principles of Productivity:
    We wrote this one in collaboration with Nir Eyal, the author of Indistractable. If you struggle with distractions, this ones for you.
  • Establishing Your Daily Shutdown Ritual:
    If your natural tendency is to be a workaholic, this email course is for you.
  • Atomic Habits: Developing a Daily Planning Habit:
    Need help committing to your daily planning ritual? This one's for you.
Send us a message to tell us what other topics you'd like to see!
Outlook Email Improvements
We've made it easier to find your most important emails in Outlook:
  • The Outlook "Focus" inbox filter is now supported
  • More filtering options
  • Browse emails in nested folders
  • Archive option
ClickUp Improvements: Filters, Sorting, and Subtasks
We've spruced up the ClickUp integration to make it match the UI of ClickUp more closely:
  • Filter your tasks by assignee
  • Sort by date created, due date, last update
  • View subtasks nested directly under their parent tasks
  • Fixes a bug that prevented viewing of private spaces/folders
Hope you enjoy that extra bit of 💅🏽
Weekly Review 2.0
The weekly review has been rebuilt and now has a guided ritual like your daily planning and daily shutdown.
When you're ready to review your week (which you can configure from your account settings page), the weekly review takes you through three steps:
First: Review your objectives
In the first step, you'll see your progress towards your weekly objectives, and a chart showing how much time you spent on objectives vs. other things. This chart should give you a sense for whether you're spending your time in a way that aligns with your objectives.
Second: Review your body of work
In the next step, you'll see a review of your full body of work for the week. This includes all of the work you completed or tracked time on, and a breakdown of how you spent your time by day.
Third: Journal
Sunsama gives you the opportunity to write a small reflection on your work week. Taking a couple minutes to write out your big wins of the week, whether there was something that sucked your time away from your priorities, and what you learned creates a sense of clarity. This is your chance to think critically about the bigger picture. Are you satisfied with how you're spending your time?
Learn more here.
PS If you're wondering where the analytics from the old weekly review went, there's a new standalone "Analytics" page which has them!
Email Forwarding 2.0
We've overhauled the ability to convert emails into tasks by forwarding them to Sunsama.
✨ Tasks created with your email forwarding address will also now display a rich preview of the entire message thread right inside Sunsama.
🦾 If you want to use Sunsama with tools we don't integrate with, rigging up your forwarding address to Zapier/IFTTT is a pro workaround.
If you'd like to dive deeper, check out our Help Center article on Email Forwarding.
Ordering Recurring Tasks
It's now possible to set the order of your recurring tasks for each day via the "Roughly at" field when you are creating a new recurring task.
Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 3
The "Roughly at" field tells Sunsama, approximately when you like to do something. You still have the flexibility to pick the exact time each day to accommodate the day to day differences in your schedule.
For example, you might pick "9:00 AM" for your "Review Inboxes" task and "7:30 AM" for your "Daily Journaling" task. That way, your "Daily Journaling" task will always show above your "Review Inboxes" task. This should mean you need to shuffle tasks around less when planning your day.
If you'd like to see how to use this feature, in depth, check out this walkthrough:
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