The "Daily wrap" helps you create an impressive visual summary of your workday that you can share with your colleagues, even if they don't use Sunsama.
Sunsama does all the hard work of helping you include links to your work and helping you summarize your day.
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How it works:
  • When you shutdown your day, you'll be asked to author your daily wrap.
  • Sunsama pulls together a relevant list of your work for the day and can even summarize the work you did in other tools, even if you didn't plan and execute your day in Sunsama.
  • The wrap includes a write-up of your work for the day, highlights and links to work you did in other tools, and overview of your workload for the day.
  • You can share the wrap with colleagues via URL, send them an email asking them to look it over, or post it into Slack/Teams.
  • Colleagues and managers can react and comment giving you feedback on your work that day.
Here's how you can author and share your Daily Wrap:
If you use Sunsama as a team, you can do everything above and your wrap will also get published into the "daily feed" where you can catch up on all your colleagues daily updates with reactions and comments. Using the Daily Feed should can fully replace your daily standup meeting.
The "Daily wrap" is currently in closed beta and we're slowly letting new customers in as we iterate and improve on it.
👉 If you need to share your daily progress with managers or colleagues, drop us a note at or in the chat bubble asking for access.