Outlook integration
You can now integrate both Outlook calendar and Outlook email with Sunsama.
The Outlook calendar integration works just like adding another Google calendar. Once you've added an Outlook calendar, you'll see it listed in the left panel. You can toggle which calendars you want to show events for. You can schedule events to your Outlook calendar, and any changes you make in Sunsama will be updated in Outlook (and vice versa).
The Outlook email integration works just like the Gmail integration. You can add Outlook email to your right panel, and then browse your inbox. Any email you want to convert to a task can be dragged into Sunsama. You can use the "Actions" tab to set up automations, like marking an email as read once you complete it in Sunsama.
You can add both from your workspace settings page.
You still can't create a new account using Outlook, but that will be coming soon!