Trello Integration: Export and Linking
It's now possible to drag and drop tasks from Sunsama
into Trello
This makes it super easy to declutter your Sunsama. You can just drag and drop tasks to file things away in Trello if you aren't finding time for them or just want them to do later.
And now that you can move items in both direction, you can use Trello as a highly organized backlog instead of Sunsama's lightweight backlog.
Here's how it works:
  • Drag and drop a task into your Trello panel in Sunsama to export it. This removes the task from Sunsama and creates a card in Trello with the title, subtasks, notes, and due date synced over.
  • Hold
    while dragging and dropping into the Trello panel to
    a Sunsama task to Trello. This creates a corresponding entry in Trello and links the Sunsama task to that entry.
This feature is part of a bigger initiative at Sunsama to improve all of our integrations so you don't feel like you need to manage your system of record in two places. In the coming months, we'll be adding "Automations" and the ability to move tasks in both directions between all our integrations.