Updates on recent outages
Two weeks ago, Friday March 29, Sunsama experienced a major outage. You may have seen your tasks not load in or only partially load in during this outage.
We noticed the issue a few minutes after it began and starting upgrading our infrastructure immediately to counteract this issue. The issue was resolved a few hours later.
The following Monday, we experienced a similar issue for a small subset of power users, which we fixed again in with a few hours.
We've identified and patched the root cause of the performance issues from both incidents now.
We're extremely sorry about the brief outage and appreciate everyone's patience and compassion as we worked to get it resolved 🙏🏽
  • Use
    in the add task modal to add a subtask/merge a task during task creation. For more info, check out this post.
  • It's now possible to merge a task into a task that has been timeboxed to the calendar.
  • Task keyboard shortcuts have been organized into more sections.
  • Tasks linked to objectives are highlighted in green in the objective card when the task is complete.
  • Todoist tasks with URLs copied from their mobile app are now detected correctly for importing them.
  • When creating a task with a channel or context selected, set the channel of the task to the currently selected channel instead of the AI recommended value.
  • Fixed an issue that made shortcut G not open Outlook emails in the email client.
  • Fixed an issue that showed the wrong list of channels when creating a task via Slack.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to auto-schedule a task that was from a meeting already on the calendar.
  • Fixed an issue that caused recurring tasks to expire and not show in the kanban in cases where they had been timeboxed to the calendar on a day where there was another instance of that task already.
  • Fixed channel filtering for the archive panel.
  • Make focus mode keyboard shortcut honor preference about default vs pomodoro view.
  • Fixed an issue with timeboxed event showing at the wrong time if your Outlook timezone is set to "Mountain Standard Time (Mexico)" e.g. Mazatlan.